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Creating a vegan, plant-based cosmetic routine can be difficult and costly. Finding deodorants, makeup, and toiletries in large physical stores can be difficult, but Pittsburgh has small boutiques and salons that make their own vegan products. While not always complete evidence, these little brands are better known to anyone who wants a vegan or abuse-free lifestyle. There are four local brands that offer vegan beauty and personal care products.

Tonic and sage

Tonic and Sage makes bath products, body butters, sugar scrubs, and more. Their products are vegan, herbal and come from the knowledge of herbal remedies. Popular items this summer include Super Body Oil, Good Night & Go Body Scrub, Plain Jane Body Scrub, and Element Body Scrub.

Adone Lipgloss LLC

Sometimes the perfect lipstick or lip gloss is the last thing you really need to complete your outfit. Buy from Adorn Lipgloss LLC to add pop colors and support your local business. Adorn not only offers lip gloss, but also glittering vegan eyeshadows and lip scrubs for the ultimate in lip care. Her lip scrubs come in cinnamon and honey flavors, and her lip colors range from bright metallic to deep blue.

Una Biologicals

Not all Una Biologicals products are vegan, but they do have a good selection of herbal beauty and grooming products. They have a vegan lip balm made from carnauba wax instead of traditional beeswax. There is also a vegan deodorant roller for bathing and a biodegradable vegan sponge. The Una retail store in Lawrenceville is temporarily closed, but you can still purchase items from the site.

Purple beauty

Mauve Beauty makes lip gloss, shower gel, body butter, glow oil and vegan hair care products. These items are made from high quality herbal products sourced from Pittsburgh. Their products are described on the website as being free of unwanted fillers and touted as being really good for the skin and hair, including the scalp. Try a combination of Georgia lip oil or lavender and mint shampoo and conditioner replenishing and mending.

Find Vegan Cosmetics From These 4 Pittsburgh Companies | Fashion | Pittsburgh

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