Do you reside in these fictional tv cities or in a $ 300,00Zero starter dwelling?


With the recent grim realization that the Simpsons’ comfortable, supposedly middle-class, suburban lifestyle is now supposedly a pipe dream for millions of Americans, it may be time to reposition our goal posts based on various fictional locations. We’re still living in the era of Peak TV, aren’t we? There are currently many options to choose from. At least that is how Architectural Digest sees things, based on a recent article that estimates the cost of living in some of television’s most popular cities and homes.

So, let’s see … This Is Us looks pretty idyllic (family alienation, mental health issues, COVID suffering, and childhood trauma aside). How much would a place like the Pearson’s cost us these days? According to AD, the average price of a home in Dan Fogelman’s beloved Pittsburgh is $ 200,195, according to Zillow. We anticipate this could be affordable for people with adult career occupations. However, given the nature of Hollywood, This Is Us won’t be filmed there. The actual home of the Pearsons is in Eagle Rock, California (average price: $ 1.3 million). Randall’s fictional location in Alpine, New Jersey would cost “around $ 2.4 million,” while properties like the one for outdoor scenes in Altadena, California would cost “an average of around $ 1 million.”

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Oh. OK.



Let’s go on: How about black? The Johnson’s house looks chic yet affordable! “Though it’s never stated which affluent Los Angeles suburb the Johnsons are based in, the real-life family neighborhood is in Sherman Oaks, where single-family homes cost around $ 1.53 million on average.” Jesus Christ.

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Okay, maybe living here in a large metropolitan area is the problem. What about somewhere out on the sticks, like the Byrde clan’s Missouri locale in Ozark? Finally, Architectural Digest describes the area as “affordable” in their article. “For those who want to move to the area for reasons unknown, homes are available for an average of $ 242,360. However, if you want to live near the actual filming locations in Flowery Branch, Georgia, you have to pay a little more. . closer to $ 299,000. “

… does anyone know how much a model house in Sudden Valley costs these days?

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