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HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Are you still feeling the effects of losing an hour’s sleep on the weekend? It could all be a thing of the past with a bill debated in Harrisburg.

Lehigh and Berks Counties Representative Ryan Mackenzie sponsored a bill to make daylight saving time permanent.

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The state government’s committee was passed with 23 to 2 votes.

“A lot of people think it’s an outdated concept,” said Matthew Dowling, Republican of the 51st district.

Rep. Dowling said his constituents felt that the idea of ​​”leaping forward and falling back” was disruptive and no longer needed.

“I’ve found that most people, regardless of party, are for it,” he said of Zoom.

One of the two no-votes, 57th District Representative Eric Nelson, a Republican, said this was not Pennsylvania’s decision. He said it was up to the federal government to deal with it.

“There is enough confusion on the part of the government. We shouldn’t make decisions about things for which we don’t justify this authority, ”said Rep. Nelson.

If the law is passed, Congress would have to approve the change.

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If it’s approved, what does that mean for companies? Dorene Ciletti, associate professor and program director of marketing and sales at Point Park University, said this could help the retail and entertainment sectors.

“That perception that the day is going on and that there is more time to do some of the things that they need to do or just want to do,” she said.

The challenge would be when Pennsylvania is not synchronized with neighboring states like West Virginia or Ohio.

“It could pose some challenges for these organizations when they have close ties and connections with others in the surrounding states, but it is certainly something that is not insurmountable,” Ciletti said of Zoom.

“It’s exciting to have that extra hour of daylight. It’s also important to have that extra hour in the morning, ”said Rep. Nelson.

Rep Dowling said lawmakers are considering how to deal with this challenge, but they also want to give people what they ask for.

“It’s something our constituents want, and that’s why we removed it from committee for an entire House review,” said Rep. Dowling.

From here, the bill has yet to go through the State House and Senate before going to the governor.

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Another calculation that is being discussed would make the standard time permanent, which is the opposite of this calculation.

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