Duke Pittsburgh sport postponed after optimistic COVID take a look at

Duke’s matchup with Pitt on Tuesday has been postponed. (AP / Robert Franklin)

Mike Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils will have to wait a little longer to continue their season.

Duke’s # 20 matchup against Pittsburgh on Tuesday was postponed due to a positive COVID-19 test as part of the Panthers program, the two schools said on Monday evening. It’s not clear who tested positive or when the game will be invented.

Duke hasn’t played since December 16 when he defeated Notre Dame to open the ACC season. The Blue Devils canceled the rest of their non-conference schedule after falling to # 15 Illinois on December 8th.

Duke will now take on Florida State No. 18 on Saturday. Pittsburgh are expected to host Notre Dame on Saturday, although it is unclear whether the game will continue.

The postponement came just days after the Duke women’s team decided to cancel their season entirely due to the pandemic. The Blue Devils hadn’t played a game since December 9th, despite starting 3-1, and had been closed due to positive testing and contact tracing. They were the first Power Five team to cancel the season after it started due to the pandemic.

Both Duke’s coaches, Pitt, have doubts about playing during COVID

Both Krzyzewski and Pittsburgh coach Jeff Capel have been extremely critical of running a college season as the coronavirus rages across the country.

Capel – who had himself infected with the coronavirus – said earlier this month that he was uncomfortable playing at all, especially since both the case and death rates are miles higher than when the NCAA decided to do the NCAA Tournament to be canceled in March.

“These children are gone [from their families] and they’re out and putting it on the line to entertain people, ”Capel said. “Something doesn’t feel right right now.”

A few days later, Krzyzewski followed his lead.

“For the sake of the game and the safety and mental and physical health of the players and staff, we have to deal with this constantly,” said Krzyzewski. “… I don’t think it feels right for anyone.”

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