The Division of Labor and Business says greater than 500,000 folks might be affected by the unemployment advantages hole – CBS Pittsburgh

By: Jennifer Borrasso from KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – State officials warn of a performance gap for more than half a million people as they await guidance from the federal government.

An extension of the federal law on CARES was signed on Sunday, expanding the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Unemployment Compensation programs.

It was welcome news for Jennifer Berrier, acting secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

“Labor & Industry is committed to making payments for these programs because we know so many families in Pennsylvania depend on them,” Berrier said.

However, Berrier warned that more than 509,000 workers may wait “weeks” to receive payments due to the belated federal coronavirus aid package.

“This could mean it will be a few weeks before we can make payments to applicants again for these programs,” said Berrier. “Unfortunately, delays in signing the extension of the CARES Act have pushed back the arrival of these guidelines.”

While people wait, Berrier says he should seek help elsewhere.

“You can get a list of the programs by clicking on on COVID-19. PA Compass and the United Way 211 Program are also two great resources that I would like to recommend to Pennsylvanians if they need help with any food or supplies. “

She promised to get answers.

“I know there are a lot of questions about the new law, and I can assure you that Labor & Industry is working to get the Federal Ministry of Labor to answer those questions,” said Berrier.

KDKA’s Jennifer Borrasso spoke to an off-camera Washington County woman who said she only had a few hundred dollars in her bank account. She has been unemployed since March.

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