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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Even if it can still snow a little this morning after sunrise, it won’t be much and should continue to get thinner and end over the rest of the morning.

Really, places north of I-80 and in the laurels have the best chance of snow lingering, but shouldn’t be a problem.

The real story today is how cold it is expected for the day.

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Yesterday I predicted that today’s highs might be hit at midnight, with likely going back to midnight temperature during the day.

I am now raising our afternoon temperature to 31 degrees so that this is our daily high.

Today’s sky is partly cloudy and the sky becomes clear overnight.

This should allow us to see temperatures close to 20 degrees to start our day on Wednesday morning.

(Photo credit: KDKA Weather Center)

Looking ahead, the active jet stream means a quick warm up through the day on Wednesday, with highs likely to hit the mid to high 40s on Wednesday night. Are we hitting 50 degrees?

I’m also getting my Thursday high as the warm air continues to flow around 2:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Thursday’s high will be higher than Wednesday’s high, at which point we will likely hit 50 degrees before temperatures drop before the sun comes up on Thursday morning.

Most of Thursday looks dry now, and large amounts of rain are possible on Friday.

(Photo credit: KDKA Weather Center)

The chance of rain now extends into Saturday, with afternoon temperatures slowly dropping to more seasonal norms.

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