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Q: If you’re covering a street series, what are the best three cities to visit and why?

A: I like something about every city I get to visit – whether it’s sightseeing, bookstores, or most importantly, friends to hang out with. I am going to give you some general thoughts on a few places.

I love New York City and any visit is always welcome.

I applaud the fact that in normal years I get a trip to Denver, which is near the place where I was born and a place that means a lot to me, as many people know.

Every time I visit Los Angeles, I like it better than last time.

And a great place for sleepers to wander, for activities, sightseeing, small shops and groceries to enjoy … Pittsburgh. There is more than a beautiful park there. There are lessons STL could learn in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati about how downtown goes to a tie.

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