FBI feared Pennsylvania will loot very worthwhile Civil Struggle gold – CBS Pittsburgh

(AP) – FBI agent who filed for a federal order in 2018. Grab Gold Cash He said it was “stolen during the Civil War” and hidden “in an underground cave” in northwest Pennsylvania on the way to the US Mint in Philadelphia on a court document opened Thursday.

The newly unsealed affidavit confirms an earlier Associated Press report that the federal government was looking for legendary gold cash on the website. In any case, the agency said the bargain was empty.

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The AP and The Philadelphia Inquirer have asked a federal judge to unseal the case. The federal prosecutor’s office did not oppose the request, the judge agreed to pave the way for the publication of the document on Thursday.

Jacob Archer, the FBI’s art crime team in Philadelphia, has good reason to believe that the US government owns “more than a ton” of Dentzlan’s “underground caves that segregate large amounts of gold.” “.

Archer told the judge that a seizure warrant was needed because he feared the state would charge money if the federal government asked the Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources for permission to drill the property.

“Even if the DCNR gives the FBI its initial approval to dig some secret gold cash in the Pennsylvania Department, that approval could be withdrawn before the FBI recovers US assets. As a result, the DCNR has illegally abandoned its gold cash and therefore belongs to the state of Pennsylvania, ”the affidavit reads.

In addition, according to Archer, lawmakers who said they were acting on behalf of others in the state government said they were treasure hunters who offered to identify potential sites and get permission to dig “illegally”. I met. Gold or 10 percent of what the treasure hunter collected. “

No one has been charged in connection with the case, and federal prosecutors believe the issue has been resolved.

The FBI has long refused to explain exactly why it excavated Elk County’s state-owned land in March 2018. “

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According to the affidavit, the FBI was based on a request for a warrant confiscation, based in part on the work of a father-and-son pair of treasure hunters who had traveled to the area hundreds of times. The duo informed authorities that they believed they found the location of the legendary Union Gold, which, according to legend, was lost or stolen en route to the US Mint in 1863.

After meeting a treasure hunter in early 2018, the FBI brought in a contractor with more sophisticated tools. According to the affidavit, the contractor has discovered an underground mass with a density of gold weighing up to 9 tons.

That amount of gold would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Archer also wrote that he spoke to a journalist who was doing extensive research on a Civil War-era group called Knights of the Golden Circle. The KGC, written by Archer, is a secret society of Confederate sympathizers who allegedly “buried a secret society of arms, coins, gold and silver bars,” many of whom were Union bank robbers and salaries. Was stolen from the train. From the Civil War and the Union Military Garrison in the Southern, Western, and Northern States. “

Archer said the turtle sculpture found on the rock near the proposed excavation site was “likely … a KGC marker at that location.”

According to the affidavit, Archer was unable to confirm that the U.S. Department of Mines actually missed the expected delivery of gold due to a lack of civil war-era records.

Dennis and Chemparada, co-owners of the treasure hunt firm Finder’s Keepers, believe the FBI found gold at the crime scene and are taking legal action to obtain more information. It was.

The FBI’s allegations in the hole “offend all believable people who did this type of work,” Dennis Parada previously told AP. “It was a slap in the face that you really thought that all these people could make mistakes like this.”

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FBI feared Pennsylvania will loot very valuable Civil War gold – CBS Pittsburgh

FBI feared that Pennsylvania would loot very valuable Civil War gold – CBS Pittsburgh

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