Followers have been upset when Washington-Pittsburgh wasn’t on TV

We have gotten used to the fact that every game, song, film or show is available to us at all times.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Football Team started at 5:00 p.m. (CET) on Monday, people were upset to find that it wasn’t with their local Fox partner.

Nothing against “The People’s Court,” but many NFL fans who were looking forward to a double header on Monday were excluded. But it wasn’t a national broadcast.

The Washington-Pittsburgh game had to be postponed as last week’s Steelers game against the Baltimore Ravens didn’t take place until Wednesday. As a result, this week’s Steelers game has been postponed to Monday.

The game was only shown to 71 out of 212 Fox partners. Most of the western half of the country was closed to normal broadcasting. This was due to NFL broadcast restrictions and not Fox’s decision, WFTX said.

The stations that showed the game were the ones that would have originally had it if the game had been played as originally planned on Sunday, according to WFTX.

The restrictions appear to be related to the number of games on DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, according to 506 Sports. The game was on Sunday ticket.

The ironic? The game is broadcast nationwide in Canada (TSN) and even in the UK (Sky), but not in the US.

– 506 Sport (@ 506sports) December 7, 2020

The fans didn’t miss out much. The first quarter consisted mainly of punts from both teams with a sluggish start. But it was strange for a lot of fans to have an NFL game and not have access to it.

Coach Mike Tomlin and his Steelers faced Washington in a rare double game on Monday. (Photo by Justin K. Aller / Getty Images)

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