Followers mingled over the carefree way of life of Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster

Few people enjoy life as much as Pittsburgh Steeler’s broad receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. In addition to being one of the better young broadband receivers in the NFL, Smith-Schuster is also an avid gamer, entrepreneur, and a bit obsessed with Tik Tok.

This lifestyle doesn’t always go well with some members of the Steeler Nation. Fans have shared a few of his Tik Toks on social media and it’s clear that there are multiple camps when it comes to Smith-Schuster’s behavior.

A group doesn’t care. Just live your life.

One group thinks it’s too much of a distraction from their game and it shows.

Then there is this final group that will agree as long as the team wins. But you can bet if things get sour they will flood to the first faction.


– Samantha James✨ (@SamanthaXJames_) September 26, 2020

JuJu is ready for Sunday! #Steelers

– BlitzburghVideos (@BlitzVideos) September 26, 2020

In my opinion, I honestly don’t care what an NFL player does off the field as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone. If it ultimately affects their performance, the market will explain and they will only hurt themselves.

Unfortunately for Smith-Schuster, when you play on the same team that Antonio Brown and his antics endured for so many years, you will be critically watched.

But I would like to pass the question on to you. Let us know in the comments if you are okay with Smith-Schuster’s lifestyle or if you wish he could focus more on football?

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