Pittsburgh Pirates: Two prospects obtain reward

It was a good spring for more than one of the young players in camp with the Pittsburgh Pirates

On Thursday afternoon the Pittsburgh Pirates They beat the Orioles at home with a 5-5 win in their eleventh spring training game this week. In this game two pirates prospect jugs, Will Crowe and Roansy contrerasshowed their talents and was recognized for it.

Both prospects are new names in the burgh as they were both introduced through trading this off-season. Crowe stopped by in the Josh Bell deal with the Nationals, then came Contreras from the Yankees in the Jameson Taillon deal.

Crowe was the first of the two to come into play when he started the 4th inning. Crowe came to Stevie Wilkerson and gave him a single on a line ride. After Crowe gave that base hit, he was clear for the next 3 innings.

He managed to face the minimum of nine batters over his three innings by following the single with a double play and three punch outs. This performance, along with his other two from this spring, shows how special he can be to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In total, Crowe has now thrown 6 innings without allowing a single run. This is also accompanied by five swings, only two runs and a whip of 0.83. These are amazing numbers and shows that deserve a spot in the inaugural Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen.

When Crowe’s day was over, Contreras came into play with relief. This was his first appearance in the spring. While he hasn’t played this spring, he came out in heat when his fastball registered at 98 mph. Like Crowe, Contreras did not allow a run in his outing.

While only throwing 1 inning, Contreras managed to knock out two batters. Contreras was also credited for winning that game.

As the performances here show, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a bright future ahead of them and prospects across the farm system are evolving.

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