Former Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport are submitting lawsuits in opposition to the NFL

On Wednesday, ABC News broke the story that former Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport filed a lawsuit against the NFL.

Henry and Davenport claim that the NFL uses racing as a factor in deciding whether a player will be compensated for head injuries during their career. The former Steelers players believe the NFL discriminates against black players who make dementia-related claims.

With everything that’s happening in the United States today, it couldn’t have come a worse time for the NFL. NFL fans are already wondering where the organization stands on racial injustice.

Former Steelers Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport are among the former players suing the NFL for racial discrimination in NFL concussion damage. When it is said the NFL uses racial normalization, black players are saying they start on a lower cognitive level than whites

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This lawsuit from Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport could have a huge impact on how fans and players view the NFL. The big question is how the NFL is dealing with this situation.

How Henry and Davenport came up with a lawsuit against the NFL

Concussions are becoming an important issue for NFL players.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers believe the NFL is making it difficult for black athletes to get compensation for the concussions they have suffered. The lawsuit states that the NFL had a separate criterion for assessing how the impact would affect black and white players. Henry and Davenport felt that the criteria for the white athletes made it easier for them to obtain advantages.

Both players spoke to the New York Times about the situation and stated that they passed their concerns on to Cy Smith, who is the lead lawyer for NFL players.

Smith published his own statement through the New York Times.

“The administration of the settlement by the NFL has created black and white doors for benefits that treat former players with identical test scores differently based only on race,” the statement said.

Cy Smith would say the following in his statement:

“That approach was not required by the settlement, and the NFL is fully aware of its discriminatory impact on black players. The NFL has a choice of whether to keep its word and treat black players as if their lives are important or they move on to push aside. “”

These statements by Cy Smith could cause many problems for the NFL in the future. More players may come forward and address the situation. Roger Goodell and the NFL need to be very careful about this sensitive issue.

If the NFL is to correct this, they must reach an agreement with Henry and Davenport. It is only a matter of time before other players start commenting on the situation. The NFL needs to stand behind what drives it on in the media about social injustice and work with Henry and Davenport to remedy the situation.

Published 04 Feb 2021 16:58 IST

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