four Slot Corners Jim Mora believes Pittsburgh Steelers can add in NFL Draft

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a better position than many believed when they signed cornerback Cameron Sutton for the first time, but they’re not out of the woods just yet.

Sutton, who signed a three-year $ 9 million deal with the Steelers, said he would have the opportunity to play outside instead of Steven Nelson this season. The Steelers released Nelson and ran Mike Hilton in the free agency, with Sutton and Joe Haden being the only seasoned corners of the team.

With limited space available, the Steelers will likely turn to the NFL Draft to add depth to their cornerback room. AllSteelers spoke to former NFL and NCAA head coach Jim Mora about the four names he thinks would best fit Pittsburgh without entering this year’s rookie class.

“It really has become a high priority position because you are now seeing so many multi-target formations and teams play nickel defenses 60-70% of the time, some games even more,” said Mora. “I’ll start with Elijah Molden from the University of Washington.”

Mora, who coached Molding’s father Alex while he was with the New Orleans Saints, believes the inside corner in round two or three would suit the Steelers well.

Molden finished his four-year career in Washington with 100 tackles, seven tackles for loss, and five interceptions.

“This kid is a really great player and he reminds me of a Ronde Barder-type player,” said Mora. “Incredibly intelligent. Has a great sense of cover. Works well in the zone. Can play in humans. Great tackler. Great character. Has that tenacity that the Steelers defense always plays with.”

The Steelers surprised many fans when head coach Mike Tomlin decided to attend Ohio State instead of Pro Day at the University of North Carolina. While some thought UNC running Javonte Williams back would be a high priority for the Steelers, Mora believes there is a cornerback out there who could get Pittsburgh’s attention.

“Shaun Wade from the state of Ohio,” called Mora the second Nickelback who fit the Steelers. “He made all his money playing inside, stayed a year to prove he was better on the outside and I’m not sure if he has proven he is great outside. He’s going to be a real one be a good player, but I think he is. ” A guy that fits what the Steelers are looking for in this nickel corner. “

Who are the last two corners Mora thinks Pittsburgh is? Aaron Robinson from UCF and Tre Brown from Oklahoma. However, the former head coach says there is a gap between Molden, Wade and the last floor on his last.

“If you play defense like the Steelers play defense, this slot corner has a lot of things to do,” said Mora. “Go back and think about when Rod Woodson was there and he played that nickel position as a blitzer, a zone player, a man player, a man in some of their exotic rush zones who can fall back and play half the middle They need a different and unique type of player there, and I think Elijah Molden, for me if the Steelers can find a way to get him it will be a home run. “

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