Nationwide Beer Day: The place to Occasion in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA – National Beer Day, celebrated on April 7th each year, is Wednesday. Breweries in and near Pittsburgh could be good places to mark the day highlighting one of the country’s most popular beverages.

In Pittsburgh, these breweries are open either in person, for pickup, or for delivery.

National Beer Day marks the anniversary of the passing of the Cullen-Harrison Act by Congress in 1933, which relaxed restrictions on the prohibition period and allowed the production of low-alcohol beer and wine. Nine months later, on December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment lifted the ban altogether.

In the past few decades, craft beer has become the most popular choice for Americans. Craft breweries in the United States date back to the late 1970s, first opening shortly after President Jimmy Carter signed law that legalized home brewing in 1978.

Craft breweries are now opening in communities across America. According to the Brewers Association, small and independent breweries accounted for 40 of the top 50 best-producing craft breweries in 2020 as measured by beer sales volume.

The year forever associated with the start of the coronavirus pandemic saw a drastic change in the way Americans buy alcohol, Brewers Association economist Bart Watson said in a statement.

“Brewers with packaging and distribution capabilities in place were best positioned to capitalize on the boom in off-premises sales and uncertainty in the weather market,” said Watson.

DG Yuengling and Son Inc., a Pottsville, Pennsylvania, craft brewery was on the 2020 Brewers Association list, followed by Boston Beer Co. and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. of Chico, California.

The Golden State makes up a fifth of the 50 largest breweries, with 10 on the list. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts are also well represented with four people each.

DG Yuengling ranked 7th among all U.S. brewing companies in 2020, including non-craft beer makers. Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis was high on that list.

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