Gianna Through retains doorways open for indoor eating regardless of being advised to shut – CBS Pittsburgh

WHITEHALL, PA (KDKA) – Despite recent mitigation efforts, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has ordered 33 more defiant restaurants to close.

One of those restaurants is Gianna Via in Whitehall, where business is booming despite the pandemic and an Allegheny County’s Health Department closure sign.

Ron Baldinger: I think the health department should go home and not worry. Bring people back to normal.

Paul Martino from KDKA: Not worried about COVID?

Baldinger: No.

KDKA took a look at the restaurant on Wednesday and every table was occupied. Tony and Mary Machi are the defiant owners.

(Photo credit: KDKA)

“I don’t think it should ever close because I think we will be selected. It is ridiculous. You can see people want to eat, ”Tony said.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association responded to Governor Tom Wolf on Wednesday and let the restrictions imposed earlier this month expire next week.

“Businesses lost an important time of the year while many bartenders and waiters usually missed out on very generous tips during the holiday season,” the association said in a statement.

They are calling on “state senators and officials to enact laws to provide industry-specific grants.” They are also calling on the governor to repeal the order preventing restaurants from using bar seating.

The owners of Gianna Via insist on staying open.

“We haven’t had a case of COVID in our restaurant. Nobody called and said, “Hey, we went to your restaurant and got COVID,” Tony said.

It remains to be seen what happens to the restaurants that are still open. The state is threatening legal action.

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