Governor Wolf requires improved wages for employees, sick go away and security throughout the go to to Pittsburgh

Governor Tom Wolf announced an “comeback” economy during a Thursday visit to Pittsburgh, announcing executive action and support for a range of laws aimed at improving jobs and worker protection across the country .

“This is a critical moment for workers in Pennsylvania,” said Wolf. “It is time we stopped asking why there is a labor shortage and started asking how we can improve jobs.”

The Democratic governor signed an emergency ordinance Thursday morning calling on lawmakers to pass a series of bills designed to “create safer jobs, guarantee paid vacation and increase workers” pay, along with other worker-oriented improvements.

On Thursday afternoon, Wolf met with other administrative leaders, local lawmakers and labor supporters to discuss his actions at an event held in the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers building on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Among other things, Wolf’s latest executive order calls on the Ministry of Community and Economic Development to add sick leave benefits to the criteria used when awarding public funds to private companies and contractors. Those who do business with the state government are also urged to raise wages.

The minimum wage of $ 13.50 for government employees and contractors will reach $ 15 on July 1, 2024, under a Implementing ordinance that Wolf signed in 2018.

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