Greenback Financial institution unveils a brand new emblem and rebranding for the following technology of shoppers

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Dollar Bank, a Pittsburgh-based company, announced Thursday as part of a rebranding of its new logo that the company’s next generation of customers will examine in more detail.

The financial institution is 165 years old and wants its new branding to reflect its evolution as new and younger customers ask the company about their financial well-being, savings advice, and mortgage advice, according to a press release.

“We are redefining the next generation of banking and how we work with clients on their journey to financial well-being,” said Jim McQuade, President and CEO, in the press release. “This rebranding was the result of a thorough look at our valued, established customers as well as our newer, younger customers. We have redesigned our brand with a more modern look and feel, reflecting what Dollar Bank means to customers, employees, and the communities we serve today. “

The new logo highlights the “Do” in the Dollar Bank, and the company also has a new tagline, “Let’s get you there”. The logo and tagline will appear in all Dollar Bank locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia starting this week.

The rebranding push consists of a campaign spanning social media, online, print and broadcast, including a diverse group of Dollar Bank customers at work, starting a business and buying a home.

When it comes to equity growth and inclusion, Dollar Bank wants to continue to partner with and invest in helpful causes. A spokesman for Dollar Bank told that the company is partnering with the BankOn program, which is helping people have access to safe and affordable banking and credit.

Dollar Bank has also been running the Mothers Mortgage Program for over 20 years, which houses over 3,500 families and first-time home buyers. Last year the program was suspended due to COVID, but this year it will be run virtually; It usually takes place at Cleveland State University.

“And that brings them into our homebuyer program, where we teach about loans and about banking and mortgages,” said the spokesman. “It’s a 1-on-1 counseling program that prepares participants for home buying.”

The Dollar Bank also made internal changes. In 2019, Dr. Paul Spradley, who is Black, has been named the Company’s Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion and Justice.

“And then we also have a community development group in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Virginia that makes sure we are investing in the right programs, investing in the right education, and investing in the right community groups to make sure that in all communities, whom we serve, everyone is represented, ”said the spokesman.

Along with the logo, Dollar Bank will be relaunching its website in May to make it more responsive, intuitive and effective. The new website includes expanded information on financial literacy and resources for small business owners.

“Our extensive research shows that younger customers in particular appreciate the guidance and help they receive from Dollar Bank. Whether it is advice on saving, buying a home or starting a new business, Dollar Bank employees are committed to helping customers on their path to financial well-being, “said McQuade in the press release.

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