The 18-year-old useless, one other particular person was injured after two shootings on the identical road in Pittsburgh – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Police were called to two shootings, one of which was fatal, in about three hours on the same street in Pittsburgh’s Northview Heights neighborhood.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, 18-year-old Tyjuan Malachi was shot in the head in the 800 block of the mountain. Nice street, said the police. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition and later died.

Officers were alerted to this shooting through a ShotSpotter notification for multiple shots. They found the victim quickly because they were in the area for a previous shooting, police said.

The earlier shooting took place on Wednesday around 9:15 p.m., also in the 800 block of the mountain. Pleasant street. ShotSpotter notifications indicated that multiple shots had been fired.

A short time later, a man showed up with multiple gunshot wounds in a hospital, the police said. His condition was not made available.

Both shootings are being investigated.

Oliva Bennett, who is Allegheny County counselor for District 13 and lives in Northview Heights, said she heard the gunshots.

“I want to first offer my condolences and deepest condolences, but I also want you to invite you,” she said. “It is in these spaces that we end up places where we are really trying to fight this type of violence and providing things and resources to communities like Northview to keep people and our children busy.”

Bennett says she would also like to see the police create relationships with the people in her community. She says that a few years ago the police brought a small police station into the community to fight violence and help the police build relationships with people in the community, but she says more needs to be done.

“We’d see something different if they actually came in and did what they said they would,” she said.

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