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Courtesy Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Jordan Karcher of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

National Coffee Day is September 29th and can be celebrated by both coffee lovers and dog lovers. You can also help your pup with Grounds & Hounds coffee.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is a California-based company whose mission is to donate some of the benefits of coffee, cups, home and living and clothing to support animal rescue organizations. The company has partnered with Pittsburgh-based organization The dog. Teamed Up Was Not Left Behind For G&H Focused Fundraiser Rescue Roast Blend. From now until September 30th, 100% of the proceeds of the rescue roast will be donated to the organization.

The founder of Grounds & Hounds and from Pittsburgh, Jordan Karcher has always loved all animals, but there is a particular weakness, especially for dogs.

“I grew up with a Dalmatian that I got when I was two. She lived until I went to college, so she was 16 and a half when she died. She was like my sister’s. It was like, ”said Karcher. “We have always bred gerbils, hermit crabs, fish, lizards and snakes. Give it a name, I probably had a pet. ”

Kärcher currently has two dogs. Molly, a Dalmatian mix that inspired Karcher to start G&H, and Jasmine, a pit bull who was just adopted this summer.

Karcher hired Molly at the age of 24. He attended a pop-up adoption event and played with a dog who didn’t want to go out with his new friends, but his life changed when Molly jumped on his lap and heard her story. I did.

“She was a potential prey dog. They found her on the streets of Inland Empire California, San Dimas, and she was on the euthanasia list before she was dragged from LA to evacuate. I got there, ”he said. “That wonderful creature that makes me and everyone happy and the world a better place, and it was on the verge of not being here.”

From there, Karcher conducted some volunteer activities and research to learn more about the overcrowding of the animals. As of 2012, around 2.1 million dogs are euthanized each year. He wanted to find a way to help him.

Kärcher is always a coffee fanatic. Originally he worked in wine and spirits while his hobby was coffee.

“I was trying to develop a business concept and find a way to help save animals. I always woke up in the morning and had coffee while walking my dog, ”he said. “Then it caught me a bit. If so, I love dogs, I love early morning coffee, how many people do that every day? It’s a combination of both. It was like the essence of how to build a really effective business. ”

The company was founded in 2013 and sold its first coffee bag in spring 2014.

Since then, G&H has used roasted coffee to partner with organizations that believe they are doing their own job to make a difference.

G&H partnered with No Dog Left Behind in September to help volunteers move animals from overcrowded shelters to other shelters with more space and resources to properly care for. , An organization that has the potential to save animals from euthanasia. Leaving a dog behind does not result in the animal being transported, as euthanizing the animal is more cost-effective for the shelter than transporting the animal to another shelter.

“We love their mission,” said Karcher. “We love the team and the team’s passion to make a difference.”

Rescue Roast and products from other parts of the website will be discounted by 20% from September 26th to 30th.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. and Pittsburgh-based NoDog Left Behind | Food | Pittsburgh

Quelllink Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. and Pittsburgh-based organization NoDog Left Behind | Food | Pittsburgh

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