Group comes collectively after violence plagued the streets of Pittsburgh – WPXI

WILKINSBURG, Pennsylvania – After a week of violence in Pittsburgh, fathers and sons, coaches and community leaders got together at this Wilkinsburg high school and talked about what they can do to connect with young men and stop the gun violence.

“We had six shoots in 10 hours and a 6 year old little girl. It’s sad, it’s just so sad, ”said Warren Jackson, president of New Vision Ministries.

For many at this gym, the conversation was personal.

Andre Scott, a counseling therapist with Able Vision, is now working to create a youth education program to renovate and remodel churches in the area. With this message, Jackson opens his business as a safe haven.

“We just want to know how to stop it, how to control it, please stop the fire,” he said. “I’m 41 and I’ll survive all of you – and I shouldn’t.”

The men we spoke to say that there is a significant psychological component that they are working on.

“We can’t just keep talking, we have to have options,” said Scott.

They want to help ensure that young men and women have meaning and a life to live for so that they do not turn to drugs or gun violence.

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