Higher Pittsburgh Neighborhood Meals Financial institution is extra than simply grocery – WPXI

ALLEGHENY COUNTY – The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is more than just a food distribution center.

Throughout the pandemic, they have provided more than just food to those in need.

“We know there are other sectors or other areas that can benefit just because someone is food insecure (and in need of food aid),” said Brian Gulish, vice president of marketing and communications for the food bank.

Gulish said there are many more areas that people need help in and the panel has stepped up over the past year to provide these services.

“We made it our mission to create the Life Stabilization Department in July 2020 that does exactly what it says it does, it stabilizes life by connecting it to other resources,” he said. “We want to find out the root cause of a person’s food insecurity, and one of them could be employment. Someone lost their job, be it because of the pandemic or some other reason, and will connect them to agencies and help set up interviews. “

Tafel’s dedicated team of call center staff also helps people who need other types of help, such as transportation or health care.

While the life stabilization team’s call center has grown, the emergency walk-in food service and other aids have been working overtime, especially since the federal pandemic unemployment benefits ended on Saturday.

“They get nervous … that the money is not coming in and therefore they have no food. So I expect to see a lot more people than usual, ”said Sherri Coccaro, Compassion Corner coordinator.

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