In dialog with Chris Mack, former host of the Pittsburgh Pirates Pre / Publish-Sport Present

On this episode of Rum Bunter Radio, the crew sat down with Chris Mack from 93.7 the Fan to record his story and hear his thoughts on the 2021 pirate season.

“I wanted to host SportsCenter,” said Chris Mack, the fan, to his high school teacher when asked what career he saw himself in. This dream fueled his passion and drive to get into the business and helped him hide from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

After college, Mack looked for a way to kickstart his career, including meeting his future boss at a department store by chance. Through various experiences including PA announcements, working with the University of Pittsburgh, and his time at ESPN, Mack had the opportunity to do pre and post-game Pirates coverage for 93.7 The Fan.

Throughout the episode, Chris tells stories about his time with the team and the most important moments in the clubhouse along the way. He has a special experience in 2018, the day Chris Archer became a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mack recounts the feeling in Pittsburgh’s locker room that afternoon and the following moments.

Many different factors come to mind when you consider how you present yourself. Mack describes his radio personality and how it came about.

As someone who covers every sport in Pittsburgh, Mack knows the ups and downs and key differences between the way each sport is accepted in Steele City. He talks about his experience with Pittsburgh fans as the episode goes on and shares some of his favorite memories on the air.

At the end of the show, Mack gives his expectations for the pirates in 2021 and goes on. It highlights the ups and downs of the past season and prepares you for the spring workout that is now less than a month away.

Close the hatches, clear the decks, Rum Bunter Radio Episode 39 is here and full of personality.

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