Incline’s Final Pittsburgh Brewery Winner is …

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. We’re announcing who won the Ultimate Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket!

Before we support the winners, we would like to thank everyone very much. Original 32 nominees And to all of the Yinzs out there who voted and supported these wonderful local breweries.

The bracket saw many close calls, amazing wins, courage and determination from everyone involved. It has never been easier to vote for the “Ultimate” as Pittsburgh has many great places to nip in the bud. But we didn’t want these brackets to be about the “best” local brewery. It’s about celebrating our local business and letting them know that we care about the delicious beer they make.

🍻 So get ready to fill the glass or break open the cold glass and toast the winner of the Ultimate Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket … Grease trap craft beer brewery!!

The last race was very close. Both 11 Hour Brew and the GristHouse Brewery are so loved by the community that GristHouse Single part only! Can you believe it?

What are you looking for? Visit Milbert and enjoy a tall, bubbly glass on the charming, fairy-lit terrace of Grist. There is a delicious range of food trucks. Whether you’re an eternal hop timist or a sour superfan, they have a brew for you. Congratulations, Grease House!

For your information: Gristhaus released Space Cactus New England IPA, Kaboom Candy Fruit Sour and Crisp Kölsch last week This Friday August 6th and Saturday August 7th.Live songs including appearances on Erica June & The Tunes’ Grease Trap, Gram and Mantle, Moon Speaker, Billeo, Level Revolver, Lo-Fi Project, Sun Champ, Slum Band and Sam will be held at the venue this weekend during Milbert. Increase. , Flubdub, TrailHeads, and boy traits.

Thank you to everyone who voted for The Incline’s Ultimate Brewery Bracket. Any ideas for future brackets? Click Reply to This Email to submit your suggestion.

🍺 + 🍕 = ❤️ And of course a special thank you to our bracket sponsors, Caliente Pizza & Barrel House.. What better couple than pizza and beer? I don’t think so. And this pizza happens to be one of them Best Pizza in the Country, which was voted at the 2019 World Pizza Championship.

There are 5 locations across Pittsburgh (and two other plants), Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse is a one-stop shop for delicious and cold beers. We have carefully selected beers and locally produced beers from all over the country.

❓ Frequently asked questions about mounts

How do brackets work?

A brief introduction to how brackets work.

Who lands on the bracket?

The original 32 slots are based on reader recommendations and employee research. Before each category there is a nomination period in order to collect recommendations as to who should be included. There is no entrance fee and you cannot buy the seats in brackets.

Please continue to vote.

Who goes into each round depends strictly on the number of votes cast in that round. All votes are important as there have been some close matches! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

How can I sponsor a bracket?

Do you want sponsored spots like Caliente’s Pizza and Draft House? Our sales team works with companies who wish to sponsor mounts and related events. For more information, please contact our sales team at: [email protected]

Tell your friends!

Candidates are welcome to encourage their fans to vote. Past participants have posted leaflets and created social media campaigns to rally their troops. Visit the link to see the past of The Incline Ice Cream When Fried Fish Square Brackets.

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Incline’s Ultimate Pittsburgh Brewery Winner is …

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