Jamie Smith’s profession reveals a singular path to success

It is unusual to find someone who has had different career paths at the same time and with excellent performance. However, Jamie Smith did it, telling a story of business, entertainment, and basketball.

Jamie Smith was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and CEO of Katalxst, LLC. In her younger years she was in great demand as a star recruit and was considered one of the finest women’s basketball players from Pittsburgh. She had over 20 Division 1 scholarship offers from top schools and was listed in Adidas’ top 20 nationwide. However, a series of obstacles and setbacks, including an injury to her ACL in her freshman year, caused her to adjust and begin her career at Morgan State University.

At Morgan State University, Jamie was the captain and starting point guard of the basketball team for three years, leading the team to its first postseason game in history. Again offers were received for Jamie with the prospect of playing professionally abroad, but she was unable to accept the offers due to an injury. After graduating, she moved to Atlanta and switched her career to the entertainment industry.

Jamie found Atlanta was a natural fit. She quickly rose through the ranks, working with key contacts, managing multiple artists and talent, and building a reputation as one of the top executives and creative curators in the entertainment industry. She worked on the set of Love and HipHop Atlanta, including the most watched episode with over 7 million viewers.

Jamie Smith moved to New York in 2016 where she earned her MBA as an assistant in the women’s basketball program. It wasn’t long before she caught the attention of a Department 1 university in the area and got a full-time position as Operations Director / Assistant Trainer. Jamie coached Division 1 basketball for three years, bringing exceptional talent and increasing the overall attractiveness of the team. She rose to a respected name as one of the best up and coming Division 1 recruits while continuing to lead her artists and act as executive producer on over four albums over the same period. Jamie has negotiated $ 10 million contracts for athletes, artists, producers, stylists, and companies from record deals, television deals, corporate and talent sponsorship, brand partnerships and more.

Jamie Smith founded her company Katalxst, LLC in 2019, an umbrella company for her other companies that encompasses a wide range of services – and shows her wealth of experience and versatility. From business consulting, project management, talent and brand management to expansion into real estate, a hairdressing and clothing brand – Katalxst Lifestyle Brand – has become their top-selling business.

Despite having had many successes, Jamie Smith has also suffered significant losses, losing her brother, mentor, and best friend within three years, and struggling with depression. In the midst of it all, she still wanted to find a way to motivate others who were equally struggling with mental health problems. This led to her writing a book called How To Lose It All, learning about the losses and problems she endured and how she overcame them.

“We as a society are taught and trained through school and life in how to win and become successful, but no one ever teaches us how to lose the right way and how to deal with losses …”

Her book is due out later this year.

Recently, Jamie Smith has become a mental health attorney and an advocate for those from underrepresented groups and communities. She has lectured on diversity and inclusion training at colleges, corporations, and high schools. Through Katalxst, LLC, Jamie also works on a scholarship fund to provide scholarships to students seeking college funding. In the coming years she plans to build a creative studio as well as a sports and training facility.

To learn more about Jamie Smith and Katalxst, visit the officer website or Instagram.

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