Pittsburgh residents are asking officers to assist the marketing campaign to chop nationwide protection spending

Forty-four Pittsburgh residents have moved to the city council to call for a local resolution in support of a movement calling for reduced defense spending.

Moving the money for human needs! The campaign is a national movement calling for unspecified cuts to the national defense budget of $ 740.5 billion. The movement also seeks to increase the $ 94.5 billion for health and personal services and $ 66.6 billion for education.

“Obviously, local governments don’t set the military budget,” said Bloomfield resident Stephanie Pavlick.

She said local governments would be helped if more federal funds were used for social aid programs.

To get the council hearing, the group had to collect 25 signatures from residents registered under Pittsburgh’s house rules.

The group received 44 signatures on their petition, Council Chair Theresa Kail-Smith said.

A hearing is not planned, but the council approved the establishment of a hearing on Tuesday. According to the city’s charter, those who signed the petition must attend the virtual meeting for it to take place.

The Pittsburgh Group is seeking endorsement of the Move the Money campaign to get local support for laws sponsored by the House Defense Spending Reduction Caucus.

If the defense budget were cut by 10%, over time it could provide local governments with money to implement human service programs.

Councilor Ricky Burgess said he “always agreed” that the country was spending too much on the military and not enough on social services.

He praised the energy movements Move the Money has shown and said he was ready to listen to them as he was also willing to listen to other activists who have ideas for promoting change.

“If there are ways we can do this together, let’s do this together,” said Burgess. “The goal is to be a city for everyone.”

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