JJ Watt wants a trip from Houston Texans’ commerce talks

So much is going on with the Houston Texans; There is a lot to consider. Their starting quarterback is done with the franchise as they try to find their new general manager and head coach. One of the things to keep an eye on is JJ Watt’s situation on the team.

Watt’s name was implicated in trade rumors and signaled a separation from the Texans. Athletes are people too, so it must be difficult to hear the murmur. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year spoke about how he’s dealing with the rumors on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

JJ Watt may no longer play for the Texans

While her situation with Deshaun Watson is making headlines, Houston also has a difficult time with her star defensive ending. Watt will enter the final year of his contract but the feeling on the team is that he made his final snap as a Texan. In 2020, Watt criticized the organization and former coach Bill O’Brien. That was the beginning of Watt’s career in Houston.

Watt was once the face of the Texan franchise and had an epic career with the Texans. However, injuries have prevented him from reaching his full potential. Watt has fired the quarterback five times this season, with a total of 54 tackles, seven passes defended and one interception. He is slated to make $ 17.5 million next year. That high number of diminished watts might be too much for Texans.

Houston has hired a new general manager and head coach. With a new front office, this could signal a reconstruction. Watt turns 32 in March and has not yet played a deep playoff. This division could be beneficial for both sides. Watts has the chance to play for a real competitor and the Texans can start building without worrying about getting an older player on a long-term deal.

Much like the Texans failed Watson, so did Watt. He’s put together some incredible seasons, but none of them for Houston. The team knows it has to decide what to do with Watts, which sparked potential trade rumors.

“It doesn’t seem like the Texans who have a new regime are going to reset the table and give it to it [Watt] a long-term extension, ”Mike Garafolo said on NFL.com. “If that’s the case and you’re entering the final year, it might be best to just let him go and start over somewhere else.

JJ Watt finds vacations a way to deal with trade talks

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All players treat their names differently when they are in trade. Some like to stay one step ahead of the rumors while others don’t mind them. For JJ Watt, he would much rather enjoy Mai Tais on the beaches of Hawaii. He could end up there as speculation about his next NFL target will mount.

“I’m processing it by going to Hawaii for a week. I probably should have stayed there, ”Watt said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “We enjoyed Mai Tais by the pool. That was a great way for me to deal with it and I could just go back there.

If this is how he feels about his name in trade discussions, imagine how Deshaun Watson must feel. The uncertainty of the future is the business of the NFL, and Watt would rather avoid that uncertainty with a relaxing vacation. He has nothing better to do as his team is already in offseason mode.

Even if a vacation is a therapeutic way to deal with speculation, it won’t stop the rumors from swirling any further. The Texans could give Watt a permanent vacation from the team if they decide to move on. What are the possible landing sites for the five-time All-Pro selection? One of them could lead to a family reunion.

Could Pittsburgh get three watts of power in 2021?

Despite sustaining a few injuries during his career, Watt still has a lot of juice in the tank. He played in all 16 games last season which is a good sign for Watt’s health. He has only played twice in each game in the past five seasons. His production is not the same, but Watt can still be an exceptional player on a competitive team.

One of the places Watt was asked about was in Pittsburgh with the Steelers. Watts would be a great addition to a defense that led the league in sacks of 56 per Covers.com. He would join an elite front with Cameron Hayward, Bud Dupree and TJ Watt. Pittsburgh has both TJ and Derek Watt on their list. All three brothers never played on the same team, which would be a unique experience for JJ Watt.

“Derek and TJ played together in high school, college and the NFL, which is incredible, but we never all played on the same team. I’m not sure if it’s physically possible just from a joking point of view. Just like with children’s games, ”said Watt.

The Houston Texans have a big decision to make with one of its most prominent players. It’s good that JJ Watt isn’t letting speculation ruin his off-season. Watt’s name in trade talks requires him to go to his lucky place, which is in Hawaii, with some Mai Tais on the beach.

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