Meals Podcast: Why donors are investing in wholesome meals

On this episode of the Food Podcast presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank talks with Arconic Foundation about why it was so important to step up to help local communities during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, the food bank started the Grow, Share Thrive campaign aimed to expand the warehouse and make the warehouse capable of housing and distributing 50% produce.

Arconic Foundation has gifted the food bank $375,000 since 2020 in an effort to help meet that goal and provide support during the pandemic.

“When you look at an organization such as the food bank that doesn’t know color, it doesn’t know age, it doesn’t know religion. It knows that people in the community need help. They need survival and food to grow and nourish. … It just made it an easy decision (to give). Thinking about the number of people during covid who lost their job, who lost support, food scarcity is one of the most critical areas,” said Diana Toman, executive vice president, chief legal officer and corporate secretary for Arconic Corp., and president and board member of Arconic Foundation.

Arconic Foundation focuses on equity and sustainability when considering where to give. The renovated warehouse will be LEED certified and have a permanent pantry on-site, with refrigerated lockers to increase access to those who need food assistance.

“One of the things that combats covid is staying healthy, and one of the things I personally appreciate about the Food Bank is not only do you ensure people have food, you ensure they have nutrient rich food,” Toman said.

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Listen: Why donors are investing in healthy foods

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