Medical flysheet on the UPMC Kids’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has expanded its emergency room capacity with the addition of a medical flysheet.

Officials said Lawrenceville Hospital plans to use the space along 44th Street by Friday afternoon.

“UPMC Children’s has set up a medical tent to expand care options for those who come to the emergency room,” said a health system statement. “The tent is well equipped and will be staffed to accommodate our patients.”

This is because UPMC, Allegheny Health Network and Excela Health said waiting times in their emergency rooms are increasing amid the influx of Covid-19 patients, a nationwide staff shortage and an overall increase in demand for health care.

Tent construction at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

– Jason Cato (@ Jac412Cato) September 17, 2021

The number of daily Covid-19-related hospital admissions appears to be increasing locally and nationwide, according to data from the Pennsylvania’s Department of Health’s Covid-19 Early Warning System dashboard.

The Excela Health Frick Hospital in Mt. Pleasant recently put up a medical tent to treat smaller cases as the total patient volume has skyrocketed.

The number of Covid-19-related childhood hospitalizations has increased in recent weeks, although health experts are still recommending a return to in-person schooling, as children tend to get sick more easily from the virus than adults.

Dr. Allegheny County Health Director Debra Bogen warned earlier this month that children made up a larger percentage of Covid-19 cases, with children under 12 and younger making up 12% of the county’s Covid-19 cases in August, up from 9% in August June.

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