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Women’s literary club

The Women’s Literary Club held its meeting at Hill Memorial Church on Friday. President Gae Colligan welcomed our members and our newest member, Holly Puglio, to the meeting.

Bonnie Frisina, Ann Esch, Sue Carns, Judy Kuntz and Karolyn Graves were thanked today for their work on the tea committee.

Harrijane Moore introduced our guest speaker Julie Galbraith. Julie graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. She works for SMART at Bradford Hospital

Julie told us that SMART stands for sports medicine and rehabilitation treatment. The staff works with patients who may have problems in these areas.

You can also help people who have balance problems due to vertigo. We also learned that people often go from SMART across the hall to Upbeat to continue an exercise program.

Finally, we learned that you don’t have to be sent to SMART by a specialist. Your doctor can ask for help there.

At the next club meeting on October 29th, the guest speaker will be Bill Robertson.

TOPS # 16

The weekly meeting of Tops # 16 was held at the First Presbyterian Church at 54 East Corydon Street on Wednesday.

The meeting was called by Leader Vickie Johnson with a promise of tops and kops.

The song was “When We Get Together”.

Assistant weight recorders Barb Smead and Dianna Lewis weighed 16 members with a loss of 16.4 pounds and one remained the same. Best loser of the week is Clara Laskey, best loser in waiting and officer is Nan Stoling.

The secretary’s report was read by Nan Stoling.

The Food Chart was won by Jamie Larson.

The fashion tip is from Dianna Lewis, household tip from Chris McCracken, healthy tips from Elaine Harris and The Weekly Joke from Jeanne Miller. Elaine Harris also told a joke. An article was read by Theresa Bond.

The foods to avoid are all starches.

The vegetables are spinach and the fruit are bananas.

The program was on protein and how good it is for your diet and also getting rid of those too big clothes when you lose weight.

The members remind of the soup sale next week.

The meeting was interrupted with the Friendship Circle and the Tops Prayer.

New members welcome. Weighing takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:55 p.m.

The meeting is from 1pm to 2pm


PYOGA met on Wednesday at the Westline Inn. This was the Customer Appreciation Dinner, which was attended by 22 people. Guests were Jeff Brewer, Laura Brewer, Mike Kozminski, Dawn Kozminski, Kevin Carls, Jim Meyers, Chip McCracken, Ben Kirsch and Tom Kreiner. A wreath was raffled and some guests received door prizes.

Guest speakers were Jeff and Laura Brewer. Jeff is a Texas chemical engineer at ARG. He is operations manager. Changes in the oil industry affect safety issues, emissions standards, renewable energy and green energy. Crude oil is needed for waxes and lubricants. Laura is a reactive chemical engineer. She develops process security procedures for management.

A flagpole and flag will be erected in the Penn Brad Museum to commemorate April Lang. There will be an inauguration ceremony for this. Joyce Cline thanked the people who attended the inauguration of the derrick at the museum.

88 people took part in the Kinzua Challenge Race at the Kinzua Bridge in August. Linda Meyers and Judy Saf organized it really well. The list of officers will be selected for 2022 at the November 18 meeting at the Grandma Bairs Restaurant in Kane.

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