Metropolis of Pittsburgh: Metropolis of Pittsburgh proposes property buy in West Finish Senior Middle


PITTSBURGH, PA (October 4, 2021) The City of Pittsburgh has announced the planned purchase of 80 Wabash Street, the building that will house the West End Healthy Active Living (Senior) Center.

The city has managed the senior citizen center at this location for 21 years through a $ 60,000 annual lease with Smith & Bowen. The property will remain a senior citizen center and the lease payments are expected to be paid off within six years. The Public Works Department will work with the Parks and Recreation Department, which manages the city’s senior centers, over the next few years to renovate the building over the next few years to expand the senior program.

“I would like to thank Mayor Peduto, Chief of Staff Dan Gilman, Executive Director of Public Works Chris Hornstein, and Director of Parks and Recreation, Ross Chapman, for helping make this happen for the elderly in the West End and the surrounding area Quarter Reality is becoming an integral part of our community, including serving as a food distribution point during the pandemic. I would also like to thank the senior center staff who work tirelessly to make this senior center a home for our elderly neighbors, “said City Council President Theresa Kail- Smith.

The center serves hundreds of individuals, and the weekly program includes senior meals, instructor-led workshops, crochet, painting, sports activities, and more. Since the pandemic began, the West End Healthy Active Living Center has served 12,620 Grab n Go meals to qualified seniors. Through a program with Allegheny County, the center has distributed 70 free laptops and is currently offering computer classes.

“The purchase of the West End Senior Center and adjoining land is an opportunity for the city to re-imagine what this center and its offerings might look like in the future,” said Louann Horan, assistant director, Department of Parks and Recreation of Senior Programming. “We hope to realize expanded program offering, access to additional services, and a thriving community of senior citizens. Acquiring this property will now enable us to be more creative and strategic with providing improved services and support to our seniors.”

The city will purchase the property for a total of $ 374,000 and the purchase will be submitted to city council for approval tomorrow.

This press release was produced by the City of Pittsburgh. The views expressed here are your own.

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