Pittsburgh Delicacies September 2021: What Begins and What Ends

A new month has begun, and you know what it means: The latest information on food and drink is back. ‘Burgh offers several hot new spots to try this month, from coffee and (non-alcoholic) cocktails to empanadas and hot dogs, waffles and ice cream.

This is a friendly reminder that it is still a really difficult time for the Pittsburgh restaurant and hospitality community. As autumn approaches and we eat less and less outdoors, we encourage you to be kind, cautious, and use tips well to continue to support your favorite restaurants.

Here is to help you navigate List Pittsburgh City Paper Of restaurants that require vaccination or mask certification to keep your neighbors safe. And thankfully for both the restaurant and its patrons, this new requirement was good for the business. WESA report..

For those who missed last month’s edition Catch up here.. If we miss something Please let me know You can add it to the list.


☕ Black canary coffee & ice cream It gives us all the benefits we need. About 30 minutes from the city of Springdale, don’t miss this cool café hosting live music and spinning hand-picked vinyl.

🍛 Empanadas, sweet plantains, homemade bread Puerto Rican taste, A fast casual takeaway restaurant on Brownsville Road on Mount Oliver.

🍸 Open road bar It is a sober social spot There are over 100 liquor-free drinks from around the world.It was a little open, but I learned that it had moved upstairs. Tonic coffee In Lawrenceville.

🍕 Piada Italian Street Food Enlarged A fast-casual Italian restaurant with a new location on Shadyside, we plan to bring two other restaurants to South Hills and Robinson later this year.

🌭 Your money Piggy bank — That is, if you need a hot dog. People Vault tap room Located on East Carson Street, this walk-up hot dog window serves Kosher Beef Flank and even vegan dogs. (((It seems that yinz has found a new midnight bite!)

🌯 Cudeba came out, Rose water middle eastern grill It is in. Located on Liberty Avenue, this fast casual restaurant adds delicious Middle Eastern flavors to the downtown food scene with classic dishes such as tabbouleh, vine leaf stuffing, kebabs and farafels. (((Editor’s Note: I tried “Appetizer bowl” which selects and puts three kinds of apps on the bed of rice and lettuce. It had a perfect taste and part. I strongly recommend it! )

🍺 Mount Washington’s Shiloh Grill was around the block once or twice (or should I call it the top of a hill?)., And recently there have been renamings and menu transformations.Now ShirogastroDon’t forget to brunch, offering apps, sandwiches, mains, specialty drinks.

🍨 deal Offering exactly that at Walnut Street on Shadyside Authentic Liege waffles (made from brioche dough yeast) and locally made ice cream.

💛 Yinz coffee, Recently took over The old Crazy Mocha storefront on the North Side has just opened another location in Bloomfield.

see you soon

🍳 Wild boy, From the acclaimed chef Jamilka Borges Soon, Etna will be served coastal dishes, including fresh seafood dishes.

🍩 You may have seen Oliver donuts ‘Pop up around tahn, But soon they will throw delicious cake donuts into a permanent place Lawrenceville Market House..

🍔 Full moon, full.Popular pop-ups A hamburger illuminated by the moonlight Will open a physical store on Potomac Avenue in Dormont this fall, offering the famous juicy smashburger with a delicious crispy edge. NEXT Pittsburgh Report.

🎶 Brillobox is back in business in Bloomfield. After announcing the closure during the pandemic, the beloved 15-year-old bar and music venue recently announced that it will reopen in the fall. Pittsburgh City Paper..

Cafe Tano Very close Offering Honduras coffee with an Italian twist to the Strip Located in the former Gaucho Parilla Argentina space on Pen Avenue, this shop specializes in full coffee experiences, but also offers smoothie, breakfast, lunch and dessert options. NEXT Pittsburgh.

🍸 G’s on Liberty Countdown to a few days until opening “A full-service restaurant focused on authentic, innovative and creative cuisine and cocktails” on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield NEXT Pittsburgh Report..

🧀 Bitter Endrai & Sharcut River It is a sister store of the rear end The location of the former Nooch’s Bar. Offering “whiskey and meat” in a modern Speakeasy atmosphere with specialty cocktails and pork boards.

🌮 RasticusWe plan to open a location in Pittsburgh’s favorite food truck, Milbert., Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc. will be brought to the actual store.

🍾 Chef Kevin Sousa switches gears from Superior Motors to open Mount Oliver Bodega, A boutique wine shop, bar and restaurant in the former Krumans Bakery.Sousa will also open Arlington Beverage Club, A new concept coming to an old social club in Allentown, Pittsburgh Post Gazette detail.

🎳 Shorty pin x focus, New entertainment concept Duck pin bowling, bocce, pinball, cornholes, fire pits and street food will arrive on the North Shore in late 2021 NEXT Pittsburgh..

🍵 Ada Coffee & Tea House 5th place is open In the downtown cultural district, this fall there is a combo of coffee shops and local vendor halls. Good food pittsburgh..

🌮 Gordes Tacos & Tequila Almost completed Construction took place on Mount Washington, and they are catching up after several setbacks during the pandemic.

🍺 Sly Fox Brewing Co., Ltd., Philadelphia-based brewery, It has taken root in the South Side High Line this summer.Meanwhile, you can follow them Instagram To learn about their latest pop-ups.

🌮 Octopus, a Mexican fusion restaurant in Asia, said:Not long“ Before being able to celebrate tacos at a new location in Bakery Square on Tuesday.

🍸Story Building Lounge, A “hidden” Victorian bar, According to, it will be the latest venture by specialty store owners inspired by Dr. Tumblety’s time in Allentown coming this fall. NEXT Pittsburgh..

🍺 Back alley brewing Has a mission To create Dormont’s first craft brewery, and you can Follow progress on Instagram..

🍕 AVP, Alta Via’s pizza-focused spin-off, Will join Bakery Square’s restaurant lineup this fall and join Burrito’s large portfolio of restaurants throughout the city. Pittsburgh Magazine Report.

🍽️ Tupelo Honey, Southern cooking chain, Will come to Station Square later this fall and become an early anchor for the updated Freighthouse Shop. Pittsburgh patch..

🍻 Bonafide Beer Co. Planned For the former chicken latino spots in the Strip area.

🐟 Pennsylv Asia reported it Work on Wild Ninja Asian Grill In progress in Auckland, Replace Uncle Sam’s gourmet submarine.

🍦 Based in New York Posman Books and Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. Teaming up to share stories and scoops at the Strip District Terminal Building, NEXT Pittsburgh Report.

Long-term opening of our radar

🍳 Journeyman’s table Still in the middle of a journey Opening on Pen Avenue, it will soon be serving a seasonal dinner from scratch, along with craft cocktails, wine and local beer.

🍣 Sushi Kim Restaurant I’m back in Pittsburgh After the original location was closed in 2019. The new spot, Sushi Kim 2, will be Smithfield Street.

🍔 Eminento Cafe is often … an imminent addition to Bedford Avenue. In the hill district. Details and opening dates are unknown, but it seems to offer delicious sandwiches. Posted by Soul Pit..

🍳 People behind the Geppetto Cafe in Lawrenceville Taking over the location across the street, we brought a new breakfast restaurant to the old Coca Cafe. WPXI-TV..

🍽️ Cafe momentum Come downtown Forbes Avenue to serve food and endangered youth. It provides cooking training to teens in juvenile detention facilities and to the community service center, the community service center. Pittsburgh Post Gazette Report.

🍜 Chengdu gourmet Scheduled to open a second store in the former Oriental Market In addition to the popular Americanized location of Squirrel Hill in China, it is located on McNight Road. Pittsburgh Magazine Report.

🍔 98K burger A new hamburger shop coming to Lis Hill, According to PennsylvAsia; The 98 K shares a name with the Brooklyn and Queens spots, but it’s unclear if the opening in Pittsburgh is part of the chain. Pittsburgh City Paper Report.

🍱 Bento is a new restaurant coming to Shadyside. according to PennsylvAsiaHowever, there are no words in the details or timeline.

🍺 Pittsburgh Brewing Co., Ltd. Planning a new brewery At the former Pittsburgh Glass Factory on a 40-acre site along the Allegheny River in Clayton. NSittsburgh Business Times There’s the latest — and more about the fascinating history of the site.

🍵 Tupelo Honey Tea Acquired the next building in Milbert It will be refurbished and expanded over the next few years. There is a PS Garden Tea Party!

🚀 Gristhouse Craft Beer Brewery Transforms the Collier Township Cold War-era Nike Missile Command Center into another outpost at a popular brewery. However, a lot of work is going on, so please be patient. The opening date is expected to be one or two years from now.

🎸 Pittsburgh City paper Report Howlers are moving To east liberty 19 years later in Bloomfield.

🍕 Big burritos bring unnamed restaurants According to Lawrenceville, which focuses on pizza, vegetable dishes, and burgers. Pittsburgh Magazine..

🏛 destroyer Owners are working on two new concepts To downtown pit building Post gusset Report. One is a sandwich shop. The other is a supper club called Saint Johannes.

good bye

🏈 Steelers fans will be disappointed to hear Jerome Bettis Grill 36, a popular pre-match and post-match spot, will not reopen after closing during a pandemic. Pittsburgh Post Gazette..

🍅 After nearly 70 years of business, the owner of Shadyside Market & Deli on Walnut Street said, “It’s time.” To close the door forever. NS Pittsburgh Post Gazette Salamineo and her brother Dominique are ready to retire and the store is reported to close by the end of September.

🍦 Bloomfield Twisters Soft Cream is available for 22 seasonsHowever, owner Joe Argenas and his wife Jennifer decided it was time to close the store. According to them, they sell all their businesses and their equipment and want to continue as an ice cream spot. Pittsburgh City Paper..

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