Most Highly effective Girls to See: # 2, PNC’s Deborah Guild

Chief Security Officer

Deborah Guild became Chief Technology Officer of the PNC Financial Services Group in 2013 and Chief Security Officer in 2017. But with expanded roles taken on late last year, she is now responsible for corporate technology and security for the $ 550 billion Pittsburgh company that integrates the business and technology gained with the acquisition of BBVA USA became.

Is she a glutton for punishment?

“This is not for the faint of heart,” says Guild with a laugh. But her three decades in banking, starting with Barnett Bank in the 1990s, have trained her well for this role.

The pandemic-induced shift to remote work made the merging of the CTO and CSO roles a logical step. Security risks have increased and are harder to spot when people work in different locations. Young employees who share apartments and WiFi with roommates and neighbors are of particular concern as they provide hackers with an easier target and better camouflage for their movements within a corporate network.

In addition to merger work and a data center consolidation, the combined team at Guild has been engaged in several important technology initiatives over the past few months, including preparing to deploy a new core system.

“Real-time payments are the future,” said Guild.

The BBVA acquisition closed on June 1, making PNC the fifth largest commercial bank in the country, after 7th. PNC decided not to use the core of BBVA and instead migrate customers to its own Hogan core banking system and then the combined to migrate customer base to a new core. Guild declined to say which core system PNC will use. Your team builds security layers for this.

“Most banks rely on a mainframe batch system,” said Guild. “What we are highlighting is a real-time core. Real-time payments are the place of the future. For us it is important to give people real-time access and to regulate this in real time. “

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