Muddy mess closes a well-liked Pittsburgh swimming pool – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – It wasn’t COVID-19 or a staff shortage that forced the recent shutdown of one of Pittsburgh’s most popular beach resorts.

The strong storms on Sunday caused a huge mudslide at Schenley Park Pool.

Madeline Bain was among those who showed up on Monday and was turned away.

“I was so sad that they were closed all year last year, so I decided to come here when it opens, but apparently not,” she said.

With several swimming pools in the area not yet open due to a lack of lifeguards, the Schenley Park closure is a reminder to Mike Hitt of what it was like in summer 2020.

“The best I could do was swim in the river last year, which is fine, but you know,” he said.

City officials said the plan is to clean up the mud on Tuesday and fill the pool with water on Wednesday.

Then the filter is restarted and the water is chlorinated.

If all goes well, the pool could reopen within a week.

However, further storms would likely delay that schedule.

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