New insurance policies shall be launched when college students return to Pittsburgh Public Faculties (WPXI)

PITTSBURGH – All students at Pittsburgh Public Schools are expected to be back in the classroom by May 3, the district said.

During a Tuesday evening meeting, district officials divided the students into four groups to convert them into hybrid learning:

  • Support Category 1: Student showing positive progress in eLearning.
  • Support Category 2: Student demonstrating progress in eLearning.
  • Support Category 3: Student demonstrating some progress in eLearning.
  • Support category 4: The student is not making any progress and / or is in kindergarten or preschool.

The first group of students, Category 4, will study again in person from April 6th. Support Category 3 students will return on April 26th. Categories 1 and 2 will return on May 3rd.

Channel 11’s Alyssa Raymond explores what will happen when a student is sick at school – on Channel 11’s Morning News, on TV, and on our streaming apps.

Students will notice some changes during the transition process. These include desks that are 6 feet apart, hand sanitizing stations, and signs reminding of social distancing and masking. Younger students receive table signs on their desks.

“It will be very difficult to distance yourself socially. During the first week, teachers will work with students on what social distancing looks like, how to wash their hands, how to stand, ”said Minika Jenkins, chief academic officer.

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The district also bought more than 200 air purifiers and filters.

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