Video: Pittsburgh Steelers’ Chase Claypool concerned in Southern Cal Bar Struggle

It wasn’t a pretty morning for Pittsburgh Steelers fans when video surfaced from TMZ showing Chase Claypool’s involvement in a pub fight in Southern California.

Claypool, who has traveled to multiple states this off-season, was videotaped during a dusting outside the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa. The recipient’s involvement in the fight appears to be low as he remains a bystander in two groups before engaging in some pushing and shoving.

About 30 seconds into the video, Claypool appears to have kicked someone on the floor and then pulls away as the crowd follows. The one-minute clip is hard to tell who Claypool was with or how many of the people involved he knew.

The video is from March 13th. The argument began when someone tossed dollar bills to a woman at the club, according to TMZ. The police were called, but the groups had left before arriving at the scene.

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