No Service With out Vaccination Proof: 2 Pittsburgh Eating places

PITTSBURGH, PA — The owner of two restaurants on the city’s North Side has initiated a new policy of not admitting diners unless they provide proof that they are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The policy goes into effect Wednesday at Leo on Allegheny Avenue and Lola on Galveston Avenue, both owned by chef Michael Barnhouse. The message announcing the move, posted on Leo’s Facebook page, left little room for misunderstanding:

The eateries are believed to be among the first in the city to adopt such a policy, which was meant with a reaction as divided as the nation currently is politically.

“Applause,” Linda Hagen wrote in response to the post. “Hope you just kicked off a ‘new normal.'”

Steve Sanders offered this counterpoint: “I’ll be there with my fake vaccination card. It looks so good.”

“Never heard of you guys till today, but I will be paying a visit,” AJ Szalla wrote. “Thanks for doing what’s right.”

Sam Bonus didn’t agree: “What a shame falling for the hoax. Will never support your establishment…You will fail and it will be your fault for following the woke.”

“For everyone (complaining), this is a private business (that) can do whatever (it wants),” Danielle Fox Howell wrote. “Go hang out at some hellhole that is anti-masks – I’m sure QAnon has a list of approved places for you.”

John Brilliance had this prediction: “You will be out of business in four months, tops.”

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