North Strabane Township man accused of embezzling $ 6.eight million from a grocer, in response to native information

A man from North Strabane Township has been tried in federal court for conspiring with his former personal secretary to embezzle $ 6.8 million from a grocery supplier in Greensburg.

The six count charges accused Jonathan A. Weston, 57, of using the money stolen from Hillandale Farms of Pennsylvania to make lavish purchases of high-end automobiles and to support his Pittsburgh area business.

The alleged conspiracy began after Weston left his position as Hillandale’s accountant in October 2005, at the time his former secretary, known only as VP on court records, began stealing checks that the company was charged with for payment of eggs and other products were sent.

The indictment alleges Weston deposited the checks on a bank account for a fictitious company, Hill-n-Dale Tree Farm in North Versailles, a company that was not registered in the state.

The person identified as the TP is no longer alive and has not been charged, as the file shows.

Expensive vehicles, including a pontoon boat, were purchased from VP, who also used the money to travel from Florida, New York, and Texas, the document says. VP also worked as a secretary / accountant at Hillandale and owned White Oak Teletronics, according to court documents.

After Weston left Hillandale, he owned Katies Kandies and Cougar Holdings in Pittsburgh and several self-service car washes.

Weston reportedly used some of the money towards his children’s tuition fees and the purchase of a 2003 Lexus convertible and $ 187,000 condominium, the indictment said. A 1933 Ford Coupe was purchased from VP for $ 40,175.

Weston has also been charged with money laundering and tax fraud. The indictment was returned under lock and key on May 25 and unsealed on Thursday.

The federal prosecutors stated in the indictment that if convicted, they would demand the confiscation of Weston’s property.

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