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WESTMORELAND COUNTY, PA (KDKA) – GOP leaders in Westmoreland County continue to say the county is in short supply of coronavirus vaccines and information from Harrisburg.

Local Republican leaders met this week to discuss what they believe represents inadequate vaccine supplies for a county the size of West Moreland. The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a letter late last week addressing the county commissioners’ concerns.

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According to the dose administration data held by the state Department of Health, the county has fewer doses per capita than counties of similar size, but has given 24 doses per 1,000 people, making it a third of the counties for vaccine administration makes.

State Representative Eric. Nelson told KDKA, “There is no reason Westmoreland should be 55 to receive the shots.”

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For Nelson and his GOP colleagues, it’s a question of leadership and organization.

“We must first acknowledge that we are not doing well as a state getting vaccines, much less as a county,” said Nelson. “We’ve made connections with the vaccine sales lines in Ohio, and voters in Westmoreland County had a better chance of going to Ohio for a chance. Everyone loses when one has to leave the state in order to receive essential service. “

Nelson said the state recently sent about 3,000 vaccines to the county but failed to provide any clues to administrators of the vaccine, which has sparked a rush to put people on vaccine records. Nelson said it was another example of why the state needs a better distribution system.

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KDKA reached out to the Pennsylvania Department of Health regarding concerns from local lawmakers and is awaiting a response.

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