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PITTSBURGH, March 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SoftWriters, the leading provider of long-term care pharmacy management, today announced an integrated partnership with healthcare technology provider Iron Bridge to help long-term care pharmacies streamline and simplify dynamic COVID -19 Vaccine roll-out process with innovative technology solutions.

The latest partnership underscores the growth and solidarity of the Pittsburgh technology ecosystem. Positioning the partners to drive the impact of the region with their exciting and important joint mission. A pioneer in the long-term care pharmacy landscape, SoftWriters has been headquartered in Pittsburgh for over 30 years. SoftWriters was recently named a Top Workplace in Pittsburgh for the second year running.

Founded in 2011 in Steel City, Iron Bridge was founded with the goal of simplifying interoperability in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem. Since launching in Pittsburgh, they have grown to help over 100 companies meet their integration goals – and have taken root with a satellite office in Nashville, TN. SoftWriters and Iron Bridge were launched in response to the growing needs and scope of the COVID-19 vaccination effort. On the opportunity to band together, the teams were motivated to play a role in the historic and Herculean vaccination initiative.

“We are excited to partner with Iron Bridge to bring innovative tools and solutions to our long-term care pharmacies,” said Scott Beatty, President of SoftWriters. “Not only do we share hometowns and alumni connections, our respective organizations are committed to a mission to transform healthcare with technology solutions and save patients’ lives. This foundation has all the ingredients necessary for a strong and lasting partnership.”

The two organizations have worked feverishly to meet the demands of the rapidly changing vaccine milestones, masterfully orchestrating and assisting several of the leading pilot pharmacies in the first phase of vaccination roll-out at LTC facilities for vaccination roll-out. Since the inception of the partnership, the organizations have traced more than 189,000 successful vaccinations (and their count) to their joint efforts to support early-stage pilot pharmacies.

“The long-term care patient population has been devastated by this pandemic. We are very proud to have worked with SoftWriters to help them operationalize their COVID-19 vaccination coverage and ultimately help protect vulnerable patients,” said Brian J. Brandebura, Chief Operating Officer, Iron Bridge.

For updates on the general availability of the commercial solution or for more information, please visit frameworkltc.com or call (412) -492-9841.


SoftWriters develops innovative pharmacy management and additional software solutions that have been specially developed for long-term care pharmacies. From order entry to delivery to patient consultation, SoftWriter’s complete suite of fully integrated, scalable solutions eliminates manual steps and improves customer service functions for pharmacies.


Iron Bridge was founded in 2011 to facilitate interoperability in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem. With our solutions, companies can use the power of the cloud to exchange health data easily and securely. At Iron Bridge, we facilitate easy healthcare integration and enable complex healthcare integration.

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