Officers, suspects wounded in fight after housebreaking – CBS Pittsburgh

KENT, Ohio (AP) – Two police officers responding to a report of a break-in into a home in Ohio battled an armed suspect and were shot and wounded along with the suspect. However, everyone is expected to recover, police said.

Kent police said a young woman called 911 just before 8 a.m. on Saturday to report an unknown man who was making his way into a house near Kent State University.

Michael Lewis said arriving city officials had already found the suspect inside and were immediately engaged in a “physical battle” with the armed suspect. Lewis said gunshots were fired and both officers and the man were hit by gunfire. All were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Lewis said on a video that the officers’ injuries were minor and they were expected to make a full recovery. He said the suspect was also shot in the stomach, but it was reported that he had not had an operation and is expected to recover.

Lewis said the suspect would be taken into custody after his release and charged with major burglary, grievous bodily harm to police officers and possibly other charges.

“We are very grateful that our police officers will be fine and we are very grateful that they were able to respond to and protect the innocent people who were in this house at the time,” said Lewis.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation will conduct an independent investigation into the case, Lewis said.

Kent State sent out alerts warning faculties and students to avoid the area due to an “emergency” but said it occurred off-campus and posed no threat to the campus community, the Akron Beacon Journal reported. The scene was a few hundred times southwest of campus, the paper said.

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