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Photo: Courtesy of Bike Pittsburgh

East Liberty Open Street Festival

One of the popular street festivals returning to Pittsburgh after the city celebrated its pandemic year Absent.
Open streetThe event, which closes public roads to allow pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and more to enjoy the road, will be held in Hazelwood on Saturday, July 25, as the first and only festival in 2021. ..
The festival is run by the non-profit Bike Pittsburgh According to the websiteThis year’s Open Street was announced by UPMC, “One of the city’s most beloved summer traditions, for people of all ages and abilities to walk or bike on a completely car-free street. Gives you the opportunity to run and roll. “

Unlike previous years before COVID, the festival in Hazelwood will be the only open street in the 2021 calendar year. In the past, there were multiple open streets in different locations during the summer.

“The OpenStreets PGH is calling on the community to rethink public spaces, which we saw to be very necessary during a pandemic,” said Scott Bricker, director of Bike Pittsburgh. It says. Press release.. “As the world has begun to return to normal, we’ll introduce OpenStreetsPGH as a mini-event, where people of all ages can go out and enjoy socially remote recreation, or car-free fun on the streets of the city. You can enjoy the day. We’ve put out some great bike infrastructure along the way. ”

If you plan to attend Open Street this year, here are some tips and information about Saturday’s festival.

Click to enlarge Map of Hazelwood 2021 Open Street Festival-Image: Bicycle Pittsburgh Courtesy

Image: Courtesy of Bike Pittsburgh

Map of Hazelwood 2021 Open Street Festival

  • The festival will be held in the nearby Hazelwood Green section. Vehicles are closed on Blair Street, Beehive Brightle Street, and Eliza Street. Hazelwood Avenue, west of Second Avenue and Gloucester Street, is closed to Techmse Street.
  • Participants are encouraged to ride a bicycle, walk or use public transport to go to the festival. According to Bike Pittsburgh, parking near the Open Street Route is very limited and the organization is proposing people to travel in the Southside Works Ingot Garage parking lot. It takes about 5 minutes by bike or a 15 minute walk to the festival. ..
  • Hazelwood and Glen Hazel residents will be provided with a free local shuttle to get off at the entrance to the event.
  • There are three hubs offering classes and activities on this year’s Open Street. The Wellness Hub offers free fitness classes, art healing workshops, free health checks and electric bike demonstrations. Kids Hub features a balance bike course and a mini-obstacle course to learn how to ride for kids. Food Hub & Plaza has local food trucks, vendors, beer gardens and live music venues.

Open Street is back in Pittsburgh.Here’s what you can expect | News | Pittsburgh

Source link Open Street is back in Pittsburgh.Here’s what you can expect | News | Pittsburgh

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