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It’s music to the ears of concert lovers – live music is back and artists are back on tour.

This year, the introduction of live music includes various coronavirus prevention measures, but some Penn State students said the regulations wouldn’t stop them from interfering with each other.

Rebecca Cassidy said she enjoys going to concerts and listening to music.

“If I could go to a concert, I would love to go to a Taylor Swift concert and maybe a Billie Eilish concert,” said Cassidy (beginner education).

Cassidy said she also likes less mainstream artists like Vance Joy.

“I also love Florence and the Machine, she’s one of my favorites,” said Cassidy, “and Maggie Rogers.”

Avery Gilhousen said she enjoys going to concerts and hopes to visit more with her friends.

“Adele has just released a new album and I hope she has a concert, and if so, I would love to go,” said Gilhousen (Frischmann apprenticeship).

In addition, Colby Marshall said he has been to six or seven concerts and enjoys going to concerts, whether live or recorded.

“I’m really into the music, but I really enjoy the atmosphere,” said Marshall (junior telecommunications). “I’m trying to get tickets to a band called Moon Hooch. They do EDM jazz, that’s kind of cool. “

For Antoinette Bradley, she said she really looks forward to seeing artists like Kehlani, Ariana Grande and Beyonce “when she goes on tour”.


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“I like to go to concerts and see the artists I like live,” says Bradley (senior telecommunications). “I like live music more than music that I can stream through an app.”

Bradley said she would “honestly be fine” with masking mandates at concerts as many of the artists she wanted to see weren’t on tour over the past year due to the pandemic.

“Wear a mask [at a concert] I wouldn’t really mind as long as I can see and experience their music, ”said Bradley.

And Ugo Obichere said that she loves the energy and vibes at concerts.

“To be honest, I’m happy to see everyone. Some of my favorite artists are rap artists like Lil Durk, Lil Baby and Future. ”Obichere (Junior Kinesiology) said. “Wearing a mask is pretty easy. So if we have to do that to get concerts back, I think everyone should be on board. “

Some students, like David Cooper, have been to concerts lately.

Cooper (Newbie Public Relations) said last month he attended three concerts – $ uicideboy $, City Morgue, and JPEGMAFIA. He also plans to see Tyler, the creator, in Pittsburgh in March, which he looks forward to.

His dream concert, which he can attend right now, is Cage The Elephant, said Cooper.

“I love concerts. I think I’ve been to probably 10-15 concerts in my life and it’s one of my favorite things to do, “said Cooper. “It’s a very positive environment to surround yourself with. I really enjoy it. ”

Cooper said all the concerts he has attended recently had similar coronavirus prevention requirements.

“You either have to test negative 48 hours before the concert or get a double vaccination,” said Cooper. “I am double-vaccinated and, to be honest, I feel more comfortable when I am surrounded by people who are fully vaccinated or who have tested negative.”

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