Pittsburgh Public Colleges Summer season Enhance Program begins subsequent week with practically 1,000 fewer college students – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Classes for 1,500 students at Pittsburgh Public Schools are back on Monday.

But for nearly a thousand others, they are at home. This is because the district had staffing issues for its Summer Boost program.

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“I felt like there was an education gap in the fall and spring as kids were virtual,” said PPS parent Jazmine Harris.

Because of this, Harris wanted her soon-to-be first grader Peyton to join the program. For other parents, their children do not have this option.

“One of my friends, her son, was not accepted into the program. What is she doing now for childcare? ”Said Harris.

Childcare is something that Harris says many parents are counting on with the program. But just last week parents were told that there weren’t enough staff to work with that some kids wouldn’t make the cut. On Thursday, parents were notified via robocall or email when their child was participating in the program.

“They had to give parents enough time to think about options, and they didn’t,” Harris said.

Options like other summer programs that Harris said she and her friend turned down because they were betting on the Summer Boost program. Although the district announced on Thursday that it had managed to find additional teachers for work this summer, that is still not enough to meet demand.

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The district was forced to select students as needed. However, PPS emphasized that the students will not be left behind.

“We didn’t pick up any of the students who originally wanted to take part in Summer Boost. So we’ve made programs and resources available on the website for the district to access over the summer, ”said Minika Jenkins, PPS chief academic officer.

As soon as students return to class next week, the district said it will be paying close attention to attendance.

“Students who do not attend, we will then contact these families to see if they will attend. If not, when they’re ready to vacate their seat, ”Jenkins said.

As for the parents next, there are still many unanswered questions.

“We don’t know what supplies she needs, the plan or the curriculum, is there a specific dress code,” Harris said.

PPS said families will receive an email on Friday letting them know what is going on, including transportation options.

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As for childcare, the district says parents should click here to find out more.

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