Pittsburgh Steelers add one defender to their low season listing

The Pittsburgh Steelers are building the roster ahead of the 2021 NFL draft later this month. On their final move, the Steelers signed TJ Carter’s defensive end.

Carter was not drafted in the 2020 NFL draft and was signed by the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, Carter was released from Arizona when the COVID-19 pandemic forced teams to reduce their roster to 80 players instead of the typical 90 during training camp. Carter also spent some time with the New Orleans Saints during training camp, but ultimately failed to make the roster or practice group.

In four years in Kentucky, Carter had defended 6.0 sacks and five passes, along with 71 tackles, 12 of which were for a loss.

Carter recently performed at Pro Day in Kentucky. Players who were unable to attend their school’s Pro Day 2020 due to cancellations and are currently not under contract in the NFL were allowed to participate in this off-season.

Carter enters a very crowded defense room for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With seven players on the active roster in 2020, one more than normally on the active roster, the Steelers have brought back all of their players from last season’s roster, as well as Calvin Taylor and Demarcus Christmas from the 2020 training team.

The exact finances of Carter’s contract are currently unknown, but it certainly won’t add him to the team’s top 51 contracts and therefore will not count towards the team’s current salary cap.

The Steelers currently have 72 players under contract with TJ Carter.

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