Pittsburgh Steelers: Najee Harris talks Thanksgiving at Mike Tomlin’s

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Najee Harris couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with his family, but sat in Mike Tomlin’s house.

Harris told reporters that he and other teammates were vacationing with the Tomlins. The first-round pick was from the Bay Area, California and said it was “different” not spending time with family, but he enjoyed spending time with his head coach.

“It was good to be in a new town for the holidays and hang out with my team and my coaches and talk about things other than football,” said Harris. “It’s a good boning experience.”

Harris joked that he didn’t have to bring anything to contribute to the meal, and mentioned that there were a few players out there who could enjoy the vacation together.

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Najee Harris talks Thanksgiving at Mike Tomlin’s


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