Police discover weapons within the possession of a Bethel Park Excessive College worker throughout arrest on campus – CBS Pittsburgh

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – A Bethel Park School District employee was arrested on Monday on the high school campus.

In a statement, school district officials said the arrest was due to an incident “outside the school environment prior to today.” However, during the detention, the police said they found two weapons.

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ARREST: Today, BPPD officials arrested @bpsdinfo, 43-year-old Bernard Switala, on an arrest warrant from @AlleghenyCoPD. During the arrest, it was revealed that Switala had brought two handguns onto the school premises. Switala will be billed for possession of weapons on school premises (2 counts).

– Bethel Park Police Department (@bethelparkpd) May 3, 2021

Bethel Park Police identified the suspect as Bernard Switala, 43, who was a former school security officer and was recently promoted to high school school secretary. Allegheny County Police Department had an arrest warrant for him.

The police found him at his place of work. Here is what you found.

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“There was a .38 pistol in the pocket. A subsequent search of his personal vehicle parked in the school parking lot revealed another .38 pistol, “said Timothy O’Connor, police chief of Bethel Park.

District officials say Switala admitted to officials “having a gun in his possession and vehicle”. This is a violation of Pennsylvania state law.

Switala has been removed from campus. He is now facing two cases of gun possession on school grounds.

  • Click here to read the district’s full statement on the matter.

Allegheny County Police Department said Switala was also accused on April 28 of threatening to kill two people on a motorcycle while she was brandishing a gun.

Police say the motorcyclist and his passenger reported someone who drove irregularly while texting. When the motorcyclist passed the driver, he asked the driver not to text any more while driving, according to the police, who said the driver had “aggressively” followed the motorcyclist.

Law enforcement officials said the motorcyclist drove into a parking lot on Corrigan Drive and was followed by the driver who brandished a short-barreled revolver, pointed it at his glove box, and made several threats to kill both motorcyclists.

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The police identified the driver as Switala. He is faced with two incidents where he is recklessly compromising another person, simply being attacked by physical threat, and threatening terrorist threats related to that incident.

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