Police say Pittsburgh man withheld and attacked New Kensington good friend who fought with officer

Police say a Pittsburgh man who was taken to the house of a friend in New Kensington because he had no place to stay repeatedly assaulted the friend and prevented him from escaping his own home.

Police say Darius Delaine Smalls, 29, then fought with police when they answered the 911 call.

New Kensington Police Department says Smalls is facing a string of charges stemming from assaulting and holding back a New Kensington friend who tried to shut up his own house on Friday, March 5th through Saturday leave.

The police received a call about a man who was attacked and held against his will. When the officers arrived, they heard a man yelling for help on the second floor of the house on Freeport Road.

The police broke into the house and found the victim, who had bruises and cuts all over his face and a large bite mark on the right side of his chest.

The man told police that Smalls arrived late at night because he needed shelter. But Smalls started fighting with the resident, who then, according to police, tried to leave.

Smalls tried six different times to restrain his friend and prevent him from leaving, attacking him, pulling his hair, choking and beating him, police said. According to police, Smalls also used a belt to strangle his friend.

The resident told police that Smalls was hiding upstairs. The police found him hidden in a closet.

Smalls hit a New Kensington officer in the arm and scratched his other arm several times when the police complained about trying to remove Smalls from the closet.

The police had to shock Smalls with a taser weapon in order to subdue him and take him into custody.

Smalls is charged with assault, wrongful restraint, wrongful imprisonment and others.

Smalls was taken to Westmoreland County Jail in lieu of a $ 25,000 loan.

Smalls’ preliminary hearing before District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr. in New Kensington is scheduled for March 25th.

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