Pre-Pitt Soccer Official Go to Reactions

Pitt football’s second official visitor weekend begins today as Pat Narduzzi and his coaching staff will host at least 10 players.

This group of recruits is headlined by 4-star recruits Florida tight end Mason Taylor and 4-star wide receiver Zeke Berry.

Prior to arriving on campus, Pittsburgh Sports Now reached out to each of the players visiting Pitt to get their thoughts on their official visit.

(We will add to this list once we hear back from more players).

3-star RB Jordaan Bailey (Tampa, Florida): “Pitt is a great school and it feels like a family. Their head coach is a great man with a bunch of energy. The coaches love their players and they tell the truth. I know for a fact that it’s a great Division-One school that plays great football. The coaches been scouting me for 3 years and that’s how I knew they wanted me. They watched me play and progress two years before they offered me and that was good to know that they don’t  rush their decisions. I’ve learned that their coaches are nice and loving and don’t talk about just football. They want me because of the person I am and then the football player I am. School is important to them and they have a good academic program. I feel like the visit is going to be great from short clips that were shown to me. I think I’m going to love it.”

— JB1⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@jordaanbailey_) November 28, 2020

3-star OT Jackson Brown (Danville, California): “I’m very interested in Pitt. I’m excited to visit this weekend and looking forward to meeting all the coaches and building a relationship with them in person. Coach Borbely has done a great job with recruiting me. He calls me about 3 times a week and I also talk with Coach  Salem, Coach Marion, and Coach Duzz every week. Can’t wait to see the campus and what it has to offer. Also, I want to see Coach Borbely go through the offense with me and see how well I fit in it. Overall, excited to meet the other recruits, coaches, and players there!”

Junior HS Season Highlights🥞 Enjoy! @BrandonHuffman @GregBiggins @coachjosephmar @2Ddavis @morisuesue #Calstrengthfootball #MLUYFI #SRV

— Jackson Brown (@jacksonbrown_77) April 19, 2021

3-Star OT Isaiah Montgomery (Virginia Beach, Virginia: “My recruitment from Pitt first started out with Coach Beatty and I would talk to him at least once a week before he left. Then after that, that’s when I started talking with Coach Borbely directly and that’s when we started to do Zoom meetings with academics, lifestyle and then I spoke with the strength coach. So I’m looking forward to meeting all of those people in person. Especially Coach Borbely and head coach Pat Narduzzi. I would be interested in asking them what they would expect from incoming freshman and what their first steps would be to get them ready to play.”

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