Proshare Providers pronounces options to cut back engineering, procurement and building prices

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Proshare Services, a Pittsburgh-based consultancy specializing in strategic planning and innovative solutions for businesses, today announced the official launch of a full suite of secure, well-executed engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services in support Customers in the oil and gas, utility, renewable energy, energy and commercial construction sectors. With a proven track record of delivering capital efficiency and project security to clients across a variety of industries, Proshare Services’ comprehensive services help companies streamline operations, meet project schedules and cost requirements, and facilitate effective mobilization of skilled teams and advanced methodologies.

“Our team’s proven process begins with the result in mind. Driven by our relentless pursuit of optimal results, we align our skills with our customers’ goals for lasting impact, ”said Danielle Baughman, President of Proshare Services.

Proshare Services is a one-stop shop for EPC and design-build services. Success relies on building a talented team of industry experts and maintaining lasting, meaningful relationships with stakeholders. Using a holistic approach, the company’s consultants work with companies to implement solutions that deliver projects on time and within budget. Based on the values ​​of integrity and trust, Proshare Services guarantees efficiency without compromising on security. By doing a thorough analysis with stakeholders, the company ensures that an environment is created in which employees can thrive.

“With decades of experience, our team has clearly defined what is needed to achieve the best results,” said Scott Gorg, Project Lead Professional, Proshare Services. “We consistently achieve first-class execution, while safety remains the top priority.”

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Proshare Services is a professional management and process consultancy specializing in strategic planning and innovative solutions for companies to execute projects safely, on time and within the allocated budget. Through experience, Lean and Six Sigma principles, the team of experienced consultants works within organizations to optimize corporate strategies, processes and communication in order to reduce project costs and create the basis for sustainable growth. The company has experience in engineering, construction, project management, contracts and procurement, and design. Proshare Services is certified as a diversified provider and recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a national Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). To start with a free consultation, visit or call (412) 532-9441.

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