Roy Engelbrecht: Metropolis Life – Pittsburgh Quarterly

“Pull out a camera and suddenly strange things happen,” laughs Roy Engelbrecht. Engelbrecht has specialized in architecture and landscape photography for more than 50 years and every picture tells, as the saying goes, a story. Engelbrecht remembers them all, starting with the day his best friend gave him a boxing camera for his 8th birthday. That was in Aruba, where Engelbrecht grew up (he still speaks fluent Dutch). “From that day on, I was addicted. I’ve only really been interested in photography so far. “

Engelbrecht works on the north side across the country. But his heart is in Pittsburgh, as these pictures can attest. “I’m looking for unusual things, things that are there, but as Sherlock Holmes would say, people see things but they don’t watch them. I look for shapes, colors and patterns, the lines have to have continuity and flow. The photos that best illustrate this are the Alcoa building and chapel. Everything comes together there. ”

Engelbrecht, a self-described “tech junkie”, enjoys the creative freedom that digital photography has given him. “It opened so many doors. Suddenly I was no longer dependent on a laboratory. I could make decisions about color, saturation, contrast, and all the things you look for in an image myself. I have to say if you are a good photographer it’s not a job, it’s a passion. It’s something you just have to get out of there. “

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